Dogs have their own way of communicating. Humans do too! And they are NOT the same.

This course will help you understand why humans create conflict for dogs, why traditional training is not how dogs really behave, and why modern training methods are best.

Myth busting some of the most common training practices.

Welcome To My Myth Busting Course!

Educating people on how dogs communicate is one of my favorite subjects.

Clear communication is vital to a good relationship and the pervasive myths that drive dog training are problematic for our canine companions!

Get ready to learn why the way we've always trained dogs is not the way your dog wants to be trained!

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If Your Dog Could Talk

Dogs Are NOT Modern Wolves

Why training them based on pack theory is problematic.

Hugs Are For Humans

How our way of communicating creates stress for our dogs.

The Great Debate

Modern training vs. traditional training and what your dog prefers you use.